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An old PC with an old Windows 3.1 startup screen


I’ve operated in & around Coventry for 20 years or more and have many happy clients. I was one of the first to offer “No fix – no Fee” for computer repairs. Many of my clients have a problem with a home computer either newly purchased, inherited or bought some years ago. For many clients “Go and out and buy a new computer” just isn’t practical.

I come to your home or office

The really nice thing is – I come to you to do it, so you don’t need to unplug cables or queue to be served. There’s no worry that you’ll get all of your computer back when you go to collect it.  I clean out junk software, malware and viruses all using tools that don’t have to cost you a fortune but with reputations that you can trust. I’ll explain each step as we go so that feel confident that your problem is being solved.

Is your computer running “Slow”?

Did you suddenly notice that your computer isn’t as ‘snappy’ as when you first used it or it really takes its time opening programs? A lot of folks try a quick Google and find this sort of program from Baidu then run in to all sorts of issues when they run it. There’s even adverts on FaceBook for USB dongles that boast making your computer faster – they do indeed but they don’t tell you that your Windows programs may not work. I’d be lying to say that I can make your computer run as quickly as the day you bought it but I can clean some of the”rubbish” out that could be slowing it down. Once I’ve done that – I’ll even show you the basic steps to let you do it and save you calling me out again.

What sort of computer repairs can I help with?

Problems I’ve helped customers with include:

  • A laptop that was receiving eMails, then the grandchildren used it…
  • A Desktop computer that was quite happily working on the internet then stopped connecting…
  • New laptop that won’t connect to your home broadband
  • You clicked on a popup box and now your screen is always full of adverts
  • Someone pressed “Delete” and now all your pictures have vanished
  • Bought a new printer but it wont actually talk to your computer

My experience working with and repairing computers

I’ve been working with personal computers since the early 1980’s when the very first BBC Computers and Sinclair Spectrums arrived in Schools in the UK. I’m trained as a computer programmer and have managed networks and minicomputer clusters for small businesses so I’ve seen a fair bit. I also used to build & sell IBM PC Compatible systems to the construction industry. Also I’ve been on the receiving end of some of the poorest customer service in computer stores that you can imagine so I decided that I would do things differently.

An old IBM PC found in many homes


I come to your home or place of business so you don’t have to unplug all those cables & you don’t have to wait in a queue feeling self-conscious whilst everyone else is holding an iPad or tablet. It’s the computer that’s served you well for checking eMails, Skyping and shopping on Amazon and it doesn’t need to do anything special so why wait for someone to try and sell you something new?

I don’t sell computers or printers, the only hardware that I’ll sell is if you need a replacement part, most of the time I’ll tell you what you need so you can go and buy it a price you’re happy with.

What else do I do?

  • Configure new printers to work with your computer
  • Setup new computers to work with your existing printer (this applies to most modern printers)
  • Setup home networking so you can play music throughout the house
  • Basic hand holding training – everyone assumes that you can use your new computer – I don’t
  • Want to buy or sell on eBay and not sure where to start? I can help
  • Not sure if your computer can be upgraded? I’ll tell you honestly
  • You want to use anti-virus software but you’re not sure what to do? I can help with that

Computer cleaning in Coventry homes

Did you also know that if you’re computer is more than about 3 years old and it’s been stood on the floor under a computer table that it might be on it’s way to looking like this on the inside?

The inside of a PC covered in dust - I can clean this in your home

If the dust gets really bad then your computer will overheat more quickly causing it to slow down or simply stop working after only a short time. I can come to your home or office and using your vacuum cleaner, clean the insides and get it working reliably again.


My charges are simple and easy to understand:

  • If I can’t fix it – you don’t pay!
  • No callout charge.
  • We’ll come to you during the evening or the weekend if needed.
  • Travel to anywhere within the Coventry CV1 to CV7 post code area – FREE
  • New customer? First 30 minutes diagnosing your computer & possibly fixing it – FREE
  • Second half hour & more spent with your computer @ £25 per hour) – charged to the nearest half hour e.g. 90 minutes spent removing your malware would mean you pay £37.50
  • We don’t charge VAT!
  • You can pay with cash, credit or debit card or via PayPal.

I won’t take your computer away unless I have to and most of the time it’s not needed – it can be done in your home or office so you don’t need to unplug any wires.

I’m happy to give advice if you’re considering updating your hardware or if you just need some basic hand-holding/confidence building with your brand new computer (yes – some people are still buying their first computer or tablet) or even talk about how you can network all your computers together to share media or printers.

Please Note:

I’m not Apple Mac savvy sadly, so I can’t support you with MacBook or iPad issues.

I don’t hold MSCE Certificates so I can’t help with Microsoft SBS systems, SQL Server or collaboration framework systems but I work with a friend who does hold those certificates and is very good with them.

If it’s a couple of PC’s in an office that aren’t doing anything clever then I might still be able to help, please give me a call and ask – I’m happy to have a quick chat over the phone or come have a look for you.

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