Doctors surgery PAT Testing in Coventry

Are you looking for PAT testing of electrical equipment at your Medical Centre or Doctors surgery? Did you know that many Coventry GP Practices pay to get annual PAT testing done in their surgery, mostly because that’s what they believe they need, but it’s a waste of time and money? Did you also know that not all of your electrical equipment needs PAT testing?

The CQC requires you as a workplace, to ensure portable electrical appliances are safe to be used, it doesn’t stipulate a need to test that equipment every year.

Attaching a label after a PAT test success

The CQC website recently posted an article in “Nigel’s Surgery” about the number of queries they’ve had from GP practices relating to their responsibilities to protect staff and patients from the risks associated with using portable electrical appliances.

Portable Appliance Testing at GP Practices

The CQC state that they  “expect GP Practices to provide assurance that they have carried out risk assessments to identify all risks associated with their premises and that they are managing these risks”. At no point in the CQC regulations or even in Health & Safety law does it stipulate annual PAT testing must be done.

The CQC follows legal requirements that “you should decide what level of maintenance is needed according to the risk of an item becoming faulty, and how the equipment is constructed”. It also confirms that the practice is “responsible for safety maintaining any electrical equipment your employees use at work, whether it is their own or supplied by you” or “leased or provided by a contractor”. The CQC also confirms that “you need to check if any maintenance is needed periodically”.

When do we need to PAT Test

In order to ensure portable appliances maintain a safe standard periodic portable appliance testing should be carried out. How often the testing is done depends on risk assessment, which can be done by you if you have the necessary competency or we can help you.

Once the PAT Tests is complete

Once tests are complete, the appliances will be labelled with the outcome and date thus allowing individual responsibility to be taken by each person who uses it. Any items that fail the PAT Test will be clearly labelled, allowing you to take the appliance out of use straightaway so minimising your liability. Once I’ve returned back to ‘base’ I’ll produce the necessary proof of test certificates and eMail them to you in a format that you can simply print and file or display in the property.

My charges are simple and easy to work out

  • Test one item £5.95
  • Test five items £25
  • If you have more items that need PAT testing – I am happy to quote separately

If you need more items tested, I can quote you a price for that too. You can pay by credit/debit card or cash once I complete the testing and I’ll come at a time that suits you.

Read a little more about how often the most common electrical equipment needs testing here.  You can see a sample of the reports that I can send you on this page here.

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