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Do you operate a disco and suddenly realised your sound equipment or instruments needs PAT Testing? Did you get booked for a DJ or disco gig in Coventry or the West Midlands then you got a phone call or eMail from the venue a few days before your gig asking for your PAT test documents? Are you a band with it’s own Sound or lighting system and venues want to see PAT test certificates?

Band PA setup in a wedding venue

Having a Portable Appliance Test done on your musical equipment is about as exciting for most performers and musicians as watching paint dry – slowly. Nowadays more venues and promoters insist that your gear is tested before they’ll allow you to set-up and perform. The music industry itself is also beginning to realise that PAT testing is becoming essential – have a read of this article.

A badly wired 13a plug that failed PAT testing

There’s plenty of stories about bands & disco’s being turned away from venues because their gear hasn’t been tested. In my time as a theatre electrician I’ve stopped people using dangerous extension leads and equipment. I’ve also heard of equipment being ‘failed’ by PAT testers who don’t know what they’re testing and I’ve even repaired some kit damaged during the test!

I provide a no-nonsense service for entertainers, based on a fixed price. Having over 40 years experience in theatre as an electrician and technician I understand music equipment and what it is used for, how it is used. This means your equipment won’t be failed because I don’t understand it! I also use a Seaward PAT tester and not just a multimeter with a couple of pieces of ratty cable!

How long does PAT testing take?

Testing normally takes between 1 & 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the equipment and how many items need testing. I can test during the day or weekday evenings and if you need the testing done at weekends then we should be able to sort something out.

What do we get for our money?

My price of £3.50 per item (for up to five items) includes full reports and certificates in an electronic format which you can use to show agents, managers, venues, and insurance companies. Being electronic means you can always have a copy with you on a laptop or iPad so you can eMail them to a venue or pass them on a USB Stick.

Got more kit to be tested? Please use the prices below as a  guide only – some equipment may be housed in flight cases that will have to be removed to facilitate testing:-

  • Solo Artist or DJ (more than 5 & up to 20 items)  £60.00
  • Small band PA (more than 5 & up to max 30 items) £80.00
  • Band including PA & Lights (more than 5 & up to max 40 items)  £100.00
  • Additional items (each) £2.00

Don’t be fooled by those Google results you see that offer 75p per test – each item of equipment needs 4 tests so it really costs £3 per item and it doesn’t look so cheap now. 

VAT at 20% is excluded from these rates – I don’t charge VAT and you can pay using cash, PayPal or a credit/debit card once the tests are complete. You won’t get results by eMail until you’ve paid – I can do printed results but this will cost £10 extra.

You can see an example of the detailed reports I can provide here

What needs PAT Testing?

Any equipment you use that connects to mains electricity needs a test and certificate.

  • Mains cables, extension blocks and reels,
  • powered (active) speakers,
  • mixing desks,
  • guitar and bass combos and amplifiers,
  • PSUs (power supply units for fx pedals, radio mic receivers etc),
  • IEC (kettle) leads (note: these are a test in their own right in a mobile environment),
  • stage lighting,
  • computers,
  • laptop PSUs,
  • power amplifiers,
  • battery chargers,
  • CDJs, turntables, DJ mixers,
  • electronic keyboards (or their PSUs).

Items that do not need testing include:

  • microphones,
  • guitars,
  • audio leads,
  • passive speakers,
  • battery operated items,
  • low voltage items requiring a PSU e.g. the keyboard doesn’t need a test but it’s external PSU might.

Other useful info

  • These prices are dependent on free and easy access to the equipment.
  • If needed I can replace plugs and fuses using good quality parts (this is a chargeable extra).
  • I reserve the right to charge extra if I have to wait unduly to test appliances or I need to dismantle racks to access equipment without being warned.
  • I’m based in in Coventry so for postcodes CV1 to CV7 travel to these is free but I will work outside this area if it’s sensible to do so & am happy to quote separately for travel expenses.


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