Stage lighting, equipment & cable repairs

Having worked as a service technician for over 30 years (19 years of which were with Central Theatre Supplies) I’ve acquired a wealth of experience in carrying out repairs on a wide variety of equipment.

Although a Zero88 authorised Repair Centre, I can repair stage lighting equipment from other manufacturers too. I’ve repaired LightProcessor, Rank Strand / Strand Lighting, CCT, Furse, Eurolight, ADB, Teatro and DTS over the years and age isn’t being kind to some of these older units. I can also repair stage lanterns and other electrical equipment as well as basic repairs to sound and stage comms equipment.

I can repair & make new cables for stage lighting (using 5a, 15a, 16a connectors if you wish), sound cables or DMX cables – I can build new cables from scratch too.

I’m always happy to have a look at an item (you can send me pictures by eMail or I can come visit personally if you’re “local” to me) andd give an honest appraisal of whether I can help or not – if I can’t do anything then I can recommend a suitable replacement. Because I’m not a dealer and tied to a particular brand, it means I can give an honest unbiased opinion of what you should buy.

Zero88 Repairs

I’m known primarily for my expertise in Zero88 repairs – if you have Zero88 kit you need looking at – this page gives you a better idea of what I can cover Zero88 Service and Repair based in Coventry – working all over the UK

Rank Strand Lanterns

Strand lighting lanterns are the staple of most small lighting rigs in village halls & primary schools through to little theatres. Whilst eBay is replete with listings of old and battered Patt 23’s, Patt 123’s & Patt 223’s or polished & chromed versions for silly money – many are still in use every week for lighting in small venues.

Strand Patt 123 looking well used but easy to repair

Looks can deceive but the battered case doesn’t mean that it’s passed it’s “Sell by” date.

Late model Patt 23 looking used but one of the easiest models to repair and PAT
Thorn Lighting T1 500W Theatre lamp

Whilst the original lamp for these units the venerable T1 is long discontinued, you can buy a cheap and more reliable lamp from many companies such as Central Theatre Supplies.

The lanterns are easily rewired and a new plug of your choice fitted. For less than a cost of a new lantern, your old stock is up and working. From experience, these lanterns easily pass a PAT test too so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t continue to give good service.

If you really want to do “belt and braces” with your old stock then this article from Ledbury Amateur Dramatics should inspire you here or I can do this work for you.

Strand Lighting spares

I have some spares about for old Rank Strand lanterns such as lampholders, lenses and chassis plugs for Strand Quartet, Prelude & Cantata series lanterns. I also break old Strand Lighting kit for reclaiming spare parts as well has having new faders for the more modern Strand desks. You can see the list of what I’m currently breaking here.

Not just Theatre equipment

Of course, I don’t only repair stage lighting equipment – I can also do basic system repairs on sound kit e.g. renewing interconnect cables, replacing speaker drivers, mixer fader cleaning as well as checking systems over to ensure they’re working as intended.

Simpler repairs are available too – repairing extension cables, changing plugs between 13a – 15a – 16a – IEC or repairing physical damage to cases/housings.

Because I came across a wide variety of issues whilst working for CTS and maintaining their hire stock and as a lab technician at Warwick University – I’m confident enough to repair just about anything – even a hedge trimmer cable if need be!

What do I charge?

My repair rates are simple in that I charge £40 per hour billed to the half hour plus parts.

  • I’m not VAT registered so you will pay the VAT inclusive price for all spare parts used;
  • I don’t mind if you supply your spare parts as long as they’re the correct OEM or recognised spare parts e.g. I won’t “bodge” parts on;
  • If I come to you to collect the equipment, I charge 50% of my hourly rate per hour of travel if you’re outside Coventry postcodes CV1 to CV7;
  • If I travel to inspect the equipment before repair then I charge 50% of my hourly rate per hour of travel if you’re outside Coventry postcodes CV1 to CV7;
  • I don’t have a ‘front counter’ so if you want to deliver or courier the kit to me – this is by prior arrangement;
  • If I return the kit by courier – I use UPS or DPD and this is chargeable separately or you can send a courier;

Not sure whether I can help you? You won’t know unless you talk to me first…

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