Web design & hosting using WordPress

Harnessing the power of WordPress to produce good looking sites

The WordPress logo as a PNG


I’ve been using WordPress for several years now to create websites for online communities and this site is based on WordPress. It’s an OpenSource piece of software so you don’t have to pay for it, all you need is a server to run it on. Out of the box WordPress makes a very nice looking site for your online presence. Using well known and popular “plug ins” I can make your site Google search friendly, smartphone and tablet friendly. If you have a social media presence then your site can be FaceBook and Twitter  friendly too.

If you want an online shop for your services too then I can advise on hosted solutions or software integrated in to your sites own WordPress installation.

Use your website as an online shopfront using WordPress.

Working with Google

I’m able to advise on basic Google SEO for your site so that your website makes a global impact as soon as it’s ready to go. It’s not a dark art – there are things you shouldn’t do or they’ll harm your search results but there’s an awful lot you can do that doesn’t cost pots of money.

Website hosting and maintenance

Your website needs a server to run on and I can provide that too with a domain name that’s special to your business and site along with eMail addresses with the ability to access eMaila via a webpage wherever you are.

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