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Harnessing WordPress to produce good looking sites

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I’ve been using WordPress for several years now to create websites for online communities. WordPress is OpenSource software so you don’t have to pay for it, all you need is a server to run it on. Out of the box WordPress makes very nice looking sites for your online presence. Using “plug ins” I can make your site Google search friendly, smartphone and tablet friendly. If you have a social media presence then your site can be FaceBook and Twitter  friendly too.

If you want an online shop for your services too then I can advise on hosted solutions or software integrated in to your sites own WordPress installation.

Use your website as an online shopfront using WordPress.

Working with Google

I’m able to advise on basic Google SEO for your site so that your website makes a global impact as soon as it’s ready to go. It’s not a dark art, there are things you shouldn’t do but there’s an awful lot you can do that doesn’t cost pots of money.

Website hosting and maintenance

Your website needs a server to run on and I can provide that too with a domain name that’s special to your business along with eMail addresses with the ability to access eMail via a webpage wherever you are.

Maintenance/Modifications to existing sites

Do you need some changes making to your existing website? Perhaps you changed your address, your hours of business or you added a phone number or eMail address but you don’t have time to change it yourself.

Sometimes the person that originally created your site is no longer around or doesn’t want to talk to you – I might be able to help and my hourly cost isn’t expensive. As long as you have login details to your web host then basic changes to a page can only take a few minutes so needn’t cost the earth. If you don’t have them handy, then I can help you get them from your existing host.

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EU GDPR Regulations are coming in May 2018

Data protection reforms will come into effect in May 2018, the GDPR applies to ‘controllers’ and ‘processors’ of personal data, if you are currently subject to the DPA (Data Protection Act) the new GDPR will likely apply to you also.

This means that if your website lets visitors sign up to a newsletter, a blog or you simply collect data using cookies for Google Analytics (for example) then you must have a Privacy Policy in place on your website.

Not sure how to go about this or is your current web designer not able to do the job (they might be too snowed under, not reachable or just too expensive)? I can probably help…

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