What is it going to cost for my PAT test?

How come you don’t charge 75p a test like other services?

I know people Google for a Coventry PAT test service because we all do it and there’s lots of people advertising PAT testing at 75p per test but often it’s not a true reflection of the actual cost.

A single unit under test e.g. a kettle, iron or computer PAT test actually needs 4 separate tests i.e. a visual test, earth continuity, earth resistance, insulation test and function though whether a unit is working or not doesn’t affect the test result, it’s a confidence thing so we don’t charge for it.

So then…

Test Cost
Visual check 75p
Earth continuity test 75p
Earth resistance test 75p
Insulation test 75p
Total       £3.00

Doesn’t look such a bargain anymore does it – especially if you have 10 items for test, instead of £7.50 it’s now going to cost you £30?

It might not even end there, some companies replace fuses in 13a plugs and charge £1 per fuse or swap plugs that don’t have sleeved pins and charge up to £5 per plug – you’re total is now up around £60!

UK Standard plug fuses for 13a plugs

You might not even get a decent looking PAT test certificate afterwards – just some “Pass test” labels and a scrawled list. We provide certificates and reports that you can eMail to insurers or anyone else that needs to see your proof of test – have a look here.

Showing PAT tester and labels

I only use professionally printed labels that identify me & your appliance.

How much do you charge then?

I charge a flat rate of £3.95 per item for up to 12 items to test, pre-printed test labels and you get the documentation mentioned above.

Plugs don’t always need changing unless they’re damaged – not having sleeved pins isn’t an automatic fail  and it’s good practice to have sleeved pins. I’ll quote you for a new plug as a chargeable extra – you might be happy changing a plug but the item will need a retest once it’s done. If I supply & change the plug – I don’t charge for the retest.

If it’s single items – you’re taking a TV or portable radio in to a care home for a relative, then I charge a little extra at £7.95 but that includes a plug if needed and a nice certificate you can print out to take with the item.

How do we pay you?

I try to make it easy for you so I carry an iZettle card reader that allows card payments onsite once I’ve completed your work.

It allows me to accept the following cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • Visa Electron

I also take payments by:

  • Cash
  • Online via Paypal – you don’t need a PayPal account

However, you should note that I won’t let you have any documentation e.g. pass/fail reports or certificates until I’ve received payment in full.

You can see more detail about paying me along with my Terms & Conditions at this page here.

Want to know more about me doing your PAT Testing?

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