Zero88 spares for current & legacy kit

I keep a stock of spares for Zero88 equipment both current and legacy e.g. BetaPack 1, Sirius, Frog, Jester, Level (original & Plus) & Alcora/Elara. It’s also worth remembering that CCT & Eurolight also badged some Zero88 equipment so spares will fit their kit too.

Spares “on hand” include the following:

Zero88 Universal PSU Spare part 00-102-11
  • Replacement BetaPack 1 Resistors (packs of 4
  • Zero88 Faders for Frog, Jester, Solution and Orb
  • Zero88 Faders for all desks including Sirius,Lightmaster,Level
  • New stock: Genuine Zero88 faders for Alcora, Elara – not the type that need the shaft filing down!
  • Zero88 Fader caps for Sirius 24/48, Lightmaster XLS, Level series (Old style)
  • Zero88 Fader caps for Alcora, Elara, Level Plus, Frog and Solution
  • Zero88 Fader caps for Alphapack, Alphapack 2 & Alpha Pack 3
  • New keys for Sirius 24, Sirius 48, Sirius 250
  • Replacement triacs for BetaPack 1/BetaPack 2 dimmers
  • Replacement triacs for BetaPack 3 dimmers
  • Replacement triacs for Alphapack 1, Alphapack 2 & 3 dimmers
  • Replacement triacs for Chilli series dimmers
  • Replacement transformers for BetaPack Mk1, BetaPack Mk2, BetaPack Mk3, Sirius & Demux 48
  • Replacement channel fuses for all Zero88 Dimmers
  • BetaPack Mk1, Betapack Mk2 Fuseholders & caps
  • Replacement case corners for Alcora/Elara/Illusion & Level Plus
  • Replacement Batteries for Frogs, Jester, Solution and Sirius, Lightmaster
  • Replacement PSU for Alcora, Elara, Frog, Jester 12/24, Jester 24/58, LeapFrog & Solution deskZero88 Betapack Mk1 & Mk2 15a Channel Fuses spares

Reclaimed original Zero88 Spare Parts for legacy equipment

I also have stock of reclaimed spare parts consisting of:

  • BetaPack 2 Chokes and holders
  • Alphapack & BetaPack 15a Panel mount sockets (old & new style) for all marks
  • BetaPack Mk1 and Mk2 Fuseholders & caps
  • BetaPack Mk1 and Mk2 Fuseblown neons
  • Encoder wheels for Frog, Jester, Illusion 120/500
  • Alcora/Elara tactile actuators and front panel buttons
  • Alcora/Elara/Level plus fader caps (Red, Blue & White inserts)
  • Sirius, Lightmaster buttons
  • Sirius, Lightmaster collet knobs
  • Sirius, Lightmaster, Level fader caps &  inserts
  • Sirius 24/48 keyswitches & Blackout switches
  • Sirius keys
  • Sirius 24/48 Blackout switch
  • PSU’s for Alcora, Elara (DMX only & DMX/Analogue), Frog, Jester & Solution desks
  • BetaPack Mk2 finger plates
  • BetaPack Mk 1 Test switch assembly
  • BetaPack Mk 1, Demux 48 metalwork
  • BetaPack Mk1 Wall mount brackets
  • BetaPack Mk1 Rackmount brackets
  • BetaPack Mk1 Choke PCBs
  • BetaPack Mk1 Main PCB nylon standoffs
  • BetaPack Mk1 Main PCB including mains transformer
Spare part - Zero88 Betapack Mk1 rackmount brackets

I have a show soon – can you hire me equipment?

I don’t have the space to keep hire stock but I do have service spares that I can loan customers to keep them going whilst I repair their kit or to keep the show going.

I currently have

  • Betapack Mk 1’s with & without DMX
  • Demux 24’s (two in a flight case)
  • Alphapack Mk 1’s
  • Alcora Mk 2 12/24
  • Level 12 Plus
  • Strand ACT 6 (old style)
  • Botex S72 Demux & 18 channel breakout

How many Zero88 spares do I keep?

I don’t have the space to keep one of everything, so I might need to order your part but i do try to keep a good stock of reclaimed & commonly requested new parts. I can order spare parts direct from Zero88 so if you don’t have a local dealer, I can supply them to you – Zero88 will no longer supply direct to end users. I don’t have a minimum order for parts so I’m happy to supply to dealers as well when they run short.

My experience identifying parts means I can take some of the pain out of buying spares. I also have equipment from Strand & Zero88 that I’m breaking for spares – you can see the current list here. I probably hold the largest stock of reclaimed parts for Zero88 dimmers and desks in the UK.

Fed up of timewasters selling Zero88 on eBay?

A lot of folks sell Zero88 kit on eBay that they find in storage or clearances and their “test” is to turn it on and if LED’s light then they list it as  working,  sadly it can also mean it’s faulty. I’ve often heard of disputed sales because the buyer thought that a dimmer not working was a simple repair of the 13a plug.

Thinking of replacing your Zero88 kit?

I’m always looking for legacy Zero88 equipment to break for spares. Because I’ve seen (& repaired) a lot of Zero88 kit I can give you an honest appraisal of value for your kit and help you choose a replacement unit. You might not actually need to replace your kit – it may just need a simple repair, have a look here at a brief summary of what I can repair.

How much do you charge for Zero88 spare parts?

Where the spare parts are still available from Zero88, I’ll charge the recommended VAT inclusive price.

If the spare part you’re after is a reclaimed part, then I charge what I consider a fair price for the part based on my experience and the rarity of the part – however I do realise that they’re not gold plated so I try not to go crazy. Where they’re a replacement part e.g. a compatible PSU with connectors fitted to suit then I charge a commercial price based on cost of components and my labour.

Will you post items to me?

The answer is “No – I want to be sure that you get the stuff you’ve paid for and that it’s intact” so I send small parts (that will fit a letter box) by post but otherwise via UPS.

If you’re not sure I could help – then get in touch and ask

Why only eMail?

It's easier (in my experience) to have a conversation by eMail. I'll need you to eMail me your address anyway if I need to send you documents or quotes.
Chose the one box that best fits what you want to talk to me about
What sort of kit do you need repairing? I can repair Zero88 kit and Strand "legacy" kit...


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