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I generally work weekdays excluding bank holidays and from 09:00 til 21:00, I can work weekends if necessary but as with many things, there may be an additional cost.


A christmas scene

Please bear in mind that Christmas is close now

I won’t be doing onsite calls after 21st December until 3rd of January 2018 but I will be answering eMails and the phone. Sending parts out will be tricky between these dates too as well obtaining non-stock parts from Zero88.

If you send me an eMail then I’ll try to answer it as soon as I’m able but if I’m already working somewhere – it may not be feasible for me to answer straightaway.

This shows a simple booking form to let you book an appointment with me.

You should note that this booking is not confirmed until you receive an eMail or a phone call from me confirming it.