Here you can see a variety of documentation e.g. calibration certificates for my PAT tester or membership of trade bodies.

Pat Tester Calibration

Scan of Calibration Certificate 2018

Recording Software

I use SimplyPats 7 for recording test results and providing detailed reports and certificates where needed.

Screenshot of SimplyPats website home page

I use a Seaward Europa Plus Pat tester
Seaward Europa Plus PAT tester

I’ve had a lot of experience using these units – they can test 230v and110v equipment so I can test office equipment and site tools too if needed. I use mine with a barcode reader so that if you have an asset register system, we can tie PAT test results to your register. The Seaward Europa Plus also allows me to download results to the software package above to provide you a full set of test results and certifications if needed.


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