Breaking for spare parts

I’m always on the lookout for kit to break for spares to add to my stock, currently the items below are held and being broken. I currently have some desks and lanterns from  – Zero88, Strand plus others

Zero88 Frog Fader board
Zero88 frog Case
Zero88 ST Main 2 PCB

Zero88 Alcora Mark 2

Components available:

  • Fader Caps
  • Fader PCB – suit Alcora/Elara Mk2
  • Main PCB
  • Button caps
  • Analogue Output kit
  • Front panel
  • Case & corner mouldings – they always get broken

I have new faders for the Frog series desks and Alcora/Elara available separately – don’t get caught out buying the wrong part from eBay!

Zero88 Demux 48

It didn’t have it’s battery changed quickly enough by a previous owner and due to corrosion, the main PCB is scrap.

It will yield the following parts

  • Front Panel metalwork
  • Front panel display/button board
  • 2 off Front panel DIN socket PCB’s with ribbon cable and IDC connector
  • Mains transformer (also fits Sirius 24)
  • Processor 6803, PROM, EPROM and 8kb Ram (all seem to be working – the unit boots but won’t output)

Zero88 Bull Frog

BullFrog is expected to yield

  • Fader Caps
  • Knobs
  • 4 off Fader Panels EM6791
  • Submaster Panels EM7025 & EM7026
  • Encoders
  • Fixture Button Panel
  • LCD Displays
  • Possibly a PSU
  • Twin DMX output Card

Strand 520i

One 520i is now being stripped for parts (it had no valid CS Code and some of the front panel didn’t register). I have two more 520i’s that are working and available for hire or sale – one has a flightcase.

Salvage components available:

  • Fader caps
  • Fader panels
  • Key caps
  • Key panels
  • Trackball
  • LCD displays
  • Pentium 2 mainboard & processor with Ram
  • PSU
  • Harddisk
  • Floppy Disk
  • Case (though not immaculate)
  • CS Card
  • Rotary encoders and channel wheel have already been sold

The remaining 520i’s might get broken for spares later this year.

Zero88 Frog, Fat Frog Mk 2

Components available include:

  • Fader caps
  • 2 off 12 ch Fader boards
  • Submaster PCB
  • STMain 2 PCB
  • Go/Memory PCB
  • DMX card
  • Floppy drive
  • Case & front panel (almost like new)

Zero88 Illusion 500

Components available include:

  • Fader caps
  • Submaster PCB
  • STMain 2 PCB
  • Go/Memory PCB & LCD
  • Floppy Drive
  • Dual output DMX card (will also suit Leap Frog/Solution)

Zero88 Sirius 24 MK 1

Components available:

  • PSU PCB – transformer fits Demux 48
  • Submaster fader PCB
  • Fader caps
  • Keyswitch (Sirius Keys are still available too)
  • Mode Switch
  • Blackout switch
  • Mainboard
  • Flightcase (but well worn)

Lightmaster XLS

  • Metalwork
  • Pushbuttons & PCB’s
  • Channel PCB’s
  • Possibly processor PCB and chips

Rank Strand Lanterns

  • Patt 123 Lens
  • Patt 123 rear internal shroud
  • P28 Lampholders
  • Minim focus tray knobs
  • Assorted parts – some lenses and clips

Please note… I will not despatch any parts until I’ve been paid.

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