Loan/hire equipment available

Updated November 3rd 2019

Some equipment is easy to repair – you might feel competent to carry out the repair and you only need me to supply spare parts but some people don’t feel that capable and would like me to repair it. Sometimes, time is of the essence, in small theatres, village halls and schools the lighting equipment doesn’t get turned on until the show is almost ready for performance.

I keep some equipment about so that whilst I’m repairing your equipment. It means that I can loan you something to tide you over if need be. I generally wouldn’t want to hire this kit out but in certain circumstances – I might be able to.

Zero88 Alphapack Mk 1 UK 15a

I have 4 of these units – 3 with UK15a and one with Schuko and adaptors to 15a.

If you need DMX then I have a 6 channel DMX interface that will let you run two of these.

Zero88 level 6 Analogue Lighting desk

I have two of these – analogue versions and 8 pin DIN cables to link two Alphapacks in a “traditional” 6 Lantern pack configuration.

Zero88 Betapack Mk1 UK 15a - shown without DMX but I have DMX fitted to mine.

Four BetaPacks configured to run on 32a single phase via CEEFORM connector. 2 units have DMX fitted and one unit has IEC sockets – I have limited number of jumpers to 15a though.

Zero88 Alcora Mk2 12/24 Lighting Desk

I have one Zero88 Alcora for 12/24 channels of patchable DMX control with “Go playback” of memories – can be a decent stand in for a Sirius or cheap chinese desks.

Zero88 Demux 48 – Positive output only. 48 Channels of DMX to Analogue control

Zero88 Demux 24 – Switchable Positive or Negative output to will drive older Strand Lighting dimmers like Tempus. Gives 24 Channels of DMX to Analogue control

I also have a Strand 520i being checked over with 500 channels & 500 attributes so ideal for a small generic & fixture rig – this will be available for loan/hire soon and comes complete in a flightcase.

There are other odds & sods that will help me to get you out of a hole – don’t assume because it’s not shown here that I don’t have it.

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It's easier (in my experience) to have a conversation by eMail. I'll need you to eMail me your address anyway if I need to send you documents or quotes.
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